Last Saturday night we had the pleasure of dining with great friends.  Fred and Melissa came down for a visit and as always we had a great time.  Melissa is the kind of friend you may not see for 6 months but the second we see one another it is like we have not skipped a beat.  I do have to take a moment to take some credit, they did meet at my bachelorette party and one of their first dates was our wedding.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  And they blessed me with a Goddaughter, Parker.  So you know how much we love them.  I asked Melissa if we could detour to the park for an impromptu photo shoot of the girls and leave it to Melissa to just happen to have matching outfits in her car.  Go figure.  I must credit Melissa with Michaela’s feminine wardrobe.  She loves to shop and hand things down to Mick so it is win-win for me since I hate to shop.

So back to the photo shoot.  With the girls in their matching butterfly dresses (which just so happened to be in the car) they let me snap away photos of them.  It was so much fun having two anxious models to work with and they were so darn cute.  They look so much like sisters.  To see the whole shoot click HERE.  These are a few of my favorites.

_dsc5382 _dsc5411
_dsc5413 _dsc5504
_dsc5399_2 _dsc5401_2 _dsc5431_2
_dsc5508 _dsc5472 _dsc5530_2   

Thanks guys for coming down for the visit.  As always we just love being with you.

_dsc5542 _dsc5541