So again this year our PTA brought in wildlife photographer Roy Toft to speak to the kids for the Reflections Art Program.  So he came to speak to a room of 3rd-6th graders.  Being the photo-crazed girls that Kelly and I are, we could care less about the kids and wanted to see what Roy had to share.  As Roy went through his slide show Kelly and I are whispering ("that was a fish-eye, I wonder what lens he used for that one, he brought the F stop down on that one, oh wow, what a slow shutter he used", etc.)  When it came time for the Q & A, the kids are asking:

  • How much money does it take to fly around the world?
  • How much money do you make?
  • Have you been eaten by an lion?
  • Have you been attacked by a snake.
  • What are you doing tomorrow?

_twb1324 _twb1327

Now Kelly and I are on the edges of our seats wanting to ask the good stuff:

  1. What lens did you use to shoot that chameleon?
  2. What post-process software do you use?
  3. Do you shoot Nikon or Canon?
  4. Natural light or flash?

Now I have met Roy before and he is a real nice person so he indulged the kids and was nice enough to indulge Kelly and I.  Plus, we kept pimping out Tyler to ask our questions so we did not take over the Q & A and bore the kids.
_twb1335 _twb1336_2  

Kelly and I just sat there and drooled over his international adventures and decided an overseas trip was in our future.  Or, even Alaska.  Roy does tours and workshops in places like Costa Rica, Alaska, Japan, Africa, etc.  That is so going on my Life List.  What a trip of a lifetime and I would love to share it with Kelly.  I am sure she would love waking up with me in a tent at 4 am LOL.  That might really test our friendship!

Thank you Roy!  Again, it was a learning experience!