Right now the world is rather full in our household.  Besides the construction going on we are into basketball, volleyball and now college baseball season!  I am beyond proud of ALL the kids and wake up hoping each and every day they do their best, find their paths, and pray I am and have done my job.  Friday night was a whole new thing for us and we could not be prouder.  It is the start of Hunter’s baseball season in college.  I literally flew in from Dallas proudly wearing my SDSU Baseball shirt and drove straight to the game.  I got that first glimpse of him and I could not help myself………


This night was special for so many reasons.  They retired #19 Tony Gwynn’s Jersey.


and Tony Gwynn, Jr threw out the first pitch to our very own #26.


It was great to see my fella beaming with pride that he has for his son, supporting & coaching him all these years.  It was a bummer that his back was out so sitting was painful…


But he was happy to find out that instead of roses for Valentine’s day he got me a SDSU RED shirt and a jacket!


Hey #26……..

Hunter2His freshman year of ball has started and we are so proud of his hard work and dedication…….We also happen to love baseball so that time in the stands is so fun.  Plus baseball hot dogs are the best! We took in games all weekend where I got to meet SDSU Alumni and now Washington Nationals Pitcher Stephen Strasburg and SDSU Alumni and Former MLB 1st Basemen Travis Lee……have to admit they are kinda cute 🙂


I would like to thank Chuck Henry for captureing these photos….where I believe I may be blushing……

Scan0005_edited-1 Scan0006_edited-1 Scan0004_edited-1

The entire team shaved their head to commemorate cancer research…..

Hunter2and it was a beautiful day for some ball…..



Go Aztecs!…………PLAY BALL!

 The greatest compliment you can give to a child is to believe in them and let them know you care.  When you see something true, good and beautiful in them, don’t hesitate to express your admiration.  When you see something that is not true, good and beautiful in them, don’t neglect to give them your wholehearted assistance and guidance.  The simple act of believing that your child is capable and worthy makes a big difference.  It gives them confidence and makes them feel qualified to do great things.”