Yes, it is that time of year again when I kiss my weeknights and weekends good-bye.  It is where I spend my Saturdays at the baseball fields getting dust in my pores and feel over-bloated for consuming 2 lbs in salt in those darn sunflower seeds.  Yes, two boys and two baseball teams is all it takes to kiss your Saturday's good-bye.  Baseball season is here. 

Last weekend started with Joey's game.  And don't get me wrong here, I love watching his games but sometimes it gets so comical seeing these little "men" chew and spit their sunflowers seeds as if they had a pack of chew in their lip.  Only at their size when they go to spit the entire mess of seeds comes out in a wad of spit down their chin.  And when they make those big plays at first it turns into a big throw to first, then second, then third and what do you know there is an infield home run.  I love the comedy of errors seeing the little guys emulate the older kids.  It is hard to be a man when there is a mechanical machine pitching the ball but it is fun all the same to watch.  And of course the little chants they sing in the dugout.  I am sorry but this cracks me up every time.

Joey copy 

I think this is call the "Half-Ready" position…..
031310_Game2-14 copy 

This is the "Mom will you please put that darn camera away already" position….
031310_Game2-25 copy 

Then there is Tyler's league.  Now this is really fun as they are "men" and are way beyond the chants, overthrows and they know how to spit their seeds.  The pitching is fast, there are home-runs, stealing and so much action. 

Tyler_Game2 copy 

So what does kidlet number 3 do during all this…………sits there and looks pretty.   She is the best sport of all.
TWB_8987 copy

As for mom…….it is lots of driving, dust in our hair, and uncomfortable bleachers for the next 2.5 months.  But do I complain………..NEVER!