I have had baseball up to my ear lobes and the season has not even started.  When someone tells you that being "Team Parent" is nothing RUN (don’t walk) as fast as you can LOL.  From ordering team pennants, making silent auction baskets, fitting 24 boys (2 teams for uniforms) and collecting money it is no easy task.  I love it but I seem to be living and breathing sports right now. 

The reward is seeing how JoJo is.  This is the first thing he has done truly on his own.  He was so excited that this morning at 6 am he came into my room in his underwear asking to get dressed for practice.  Keep in mind that practice is at 4 pm!  All day he was asking me to check if they were having practice because it was raining.  He was so bummed when it was canceled but relieved when It old him we were still going to pick up his uniform.  He is so into it and eating up the accolades.  He was so darn cute trying on his uniform.  He has his first game at 8 am on Saturday and I am not sure who is more exited, me or him!  I am hoping that after opening ceremonies on Saturday I can breath a bit and relax about things. 

Tomorrow I relax a bit over dinner with two old friends.  I always look forward to catching up with them.  We have lots to talk about!  Can’t wait for that girl time over some good dinner.