We hope to say we are heading down the home-stretch this week with the major stuffDsc_1177 on our house.  Tomorrow the counter people are scheduled to come and install the long-awaited counters.  Saturday our cabinet guy completed the cool cabinet in the dining room into the corner cabinet.  It is a perfect way to access that corner for additional storage space.  Now we just pray that things stay on track.

Dsc_1074Saturday Tyler was in his first "band" concert.  They met up in town to play at the town Tree-lighting ceremony.  They did well considering a bunch of kids from many different schools were thrown together to play.   It was strange attending Tyler’s first concert.  I thought of my parents going to mine. 

We met up with several friends and hung out while the kids ran wild.  Everyone had a great time.  We missed Pete but he was working late.  We then took all nine kids out to eat.  I think people got nervous when they saw us five adults walk in with all those kids.  They were so well behaved (if I do say so myself).  All three of us moms must of had that same lecture in the car on the way to the restaurant.  All kids were instructed to say in their seats and they all did.  Of course they all needed to go to the bathroom as a group but that Dsc_1174_2is to be expected.  It was a lot of fun. 

I also got busy this weekend creating some holiday mini albums and cardsDsc_1173_1  for Christmas gifts.  This is a fun photo centerpiece that I made.  It folds up into a card and fans out so you can sit it on a table.    It is a fun time to experiment with things.