Preschool_2 We are heading down the home-stretch for preschool and I am pulling out photos to remember these last two years.  Also, after 20 years of teaching our preschool teacher is retiring.  I think that one of the best decisions we have made so far with the twins is deciding to go to her preschool (and I am not just saying that because she is enjoying her morning coffee reading this).  So I am trying to capture this time and my  new Scrappin Sports supplies are perfect.  I just got my Gallery working there. 

Friday I am looking forward to a very special day at Preschool.  The kids are putting on a tea party for the moms.  We received formal invitations and the kids even get to decide what we wear.  Miss Cindy copied down the twins word for word as they bantered back & forth discussing my outfit:

As directly quoted (Micky) and (Joey):

Jeans.  Yeah, jeans with the shirt short-sleeve that has Tinkerbell  or maybe the the Super Mom one and her new sandals.  Yeah, not the old sandals and not her dress from getting married – it doesn’t fit and not her clothes when she was pregnant – they don’t fit either and some jewelry.  Oh yeah she has another one that’s not broken. Yeah, she does but not the necklace she threw away – it’s broken. And she should wear make-up.  Yeah, so she don’t be sweaty. 

This should be some sort of outfit.  It is not every day that two 5 year olds get to dress me.  I am really looking forward to this event…..and just for the record, my wedding dress DOES still fit!  LOL