PresidentialSeal So everyone is asking me the whereabouts of the Presidential Album I should have put a GPS tracker on the inside.  It is in Washington DC.  I just heard last week that it is in the hands of one of his key staff members but he was traveling to Egypt, Normandy, and a couple other locations.  Now I get he is one busy man and all but dosen't he know this little artist in Ramona is sitting on the edge of her seat wondering if he is leafing through it with Michelle by his side while Sasha and Malia are saying "Daddy, let me see it".  I mean World Peace, the economy, health care, etc. are important. I get that but I know he must have some down time.  This could be a good start to World Peace!  Maybe he will want to hire me to document his memories. 

Ok, President Obama, I get you have biggeer "fish to fry" but when you have a moment this little Artist in Ramona, CA is waiting.  Maybe it is time to put "Meet the President" on my Life List.  In the meantime, this artist will go back to happily gluing until that Presidential Seal crosses her desk.