Today we took a big step forward.  We got a lot done.  Pete continued toDsc_0658 paint the shed and we started to sort through things in the garage.  I no longer have to search for the toilet paper roll as I got the towel rack and toilet paper holders installed in the small bathroom!  That is a small but big victory in my world.  And the biggie………WE GOT CABINETS!  And they are so pretty.  I am thrilled with them and except for a few glitches they went in fine.   After another dinner of take out I came home pooped out but those boxes were just egging me on so I loaded Dsc_0660up the new cabinets.  I have four more boxes to go but a hot bath was awaiting me.  Pete and I are both pleased  with the cabinets.  His co-worker and wife did a wonderful job on them.  There are a few items to fix and he will be back in a couple of weeks but for the most part they are done and loaded up.  I even have my own broom closet.  I never thought I would be Dsc_0661excited about that.  Now we are anxious for that tile to go in on Monday & Tuesday.  I needed a day of progress.  Tomorrow Pete will park himself in front of the TV to watch the Chargers and I will attempt to get a few more things hung.  There is a lot of finish work, detail, trim, handles, etc. that needs to be dealt with.  I have a feeling my dad may be coming here to a punch list of things we just run out of energy for.  I can feel a bit of my mojo going but I intend to hang in there. 

I think I will unwind now behind my scrapbook desk.  I deserve some creative "me" time.