Dsc_2020_4Yes, today I met Roy Toft.  He taught a photography workshop to the kids after school today.  I walked right in and said I was a fan and had a nice chat with him.  He was very nice (good sense of humor) and did not mind one bit that I was stalking him.  What is funny is I don’t get star struck.  I could see George Clooney walking down the street and give him a nod but talking photos is something I love to do.  I really love his work so it was neat to talk to him.  Of course he was talking to a bunch of elementary school kids so he was not getting too technical.  I just wanted to raise my hand and start talking aperture and shutter speeds.  I figured that would be a bit tacky since he was there to teach them.  Tyler really enjoyed it and I could see he was inspired by the workshop.  And of course I asked Dawn to take a photo of us.  It was funny having two photographers in front of the camera.  We kept giving poor Dawn instructions on how to take the photo. 

I have to say that today was a bright day!  I worked out, worked, and came home for a bit.  Janine stopped by with a nice surprise for me and we had a pleasant afternoon over tea.  Dsc_2024 This is a perk of being a stay-at-home-mom.  I also received quite a box of cutting supplies from my new sponsor Acme United/Westcott.  Have you ever seen so many different scissors?  I got their new Laser Ruler that I saw debuted at CHA and some great tearing rulers.  Having a scissor company backing you is too darn cool!  I asked Janine to pinch me because having all these wonderful companies backing me is a TOTAL dream come true.  I am afraid to wake up.

Then it was on to school to complete my "Mission".  Now I need to stay on track and take that photography trip one day (already on the Life List)!

And can I say this was all capped off by Pete making dinner.  There are just days I don’t have anything left in me to make dinner (truthfully it is the one job I detest) so it is so nice when he comes home and offers to handle it.  I know his days are long so it means a lot that he does that.  Plus he cooks so much better than I do.