I know I say this time and time again but I am so proud of my kids…all of them!  Every mom wants to brag on what they do and it is hard for our teens.  This is the last month for league basketball and SO proud of how both our JV and Varsity Lady Bulldogs are doing!  Micky has had the pleasure of making the roster for both teams and goes back and forth where needed as a Freshman.  That sometimes means, double the changing of jersey’s and practices but as she puts it “Life is Ball”.  I have had to remind her that “Life is also School”.  When you seeing your kids working so hard at something they love it is rewarding…

Just a few moments from one of the Varsity Game (I won’t even tell you what their record it because I don’t want to jink BUT SO PROUD!). We all have the utmost respect for our coaches and this one puts our girls first along with teaching them the game.  At 7’2″ he sure towers over them.

Keep it up girl…..Mom is proud!  Proud of all her kids!

The older we get the more we realize how little we actually control.  And there’s no good reason to hold yourself down with things you can’t control.  Learn to trust the journey, even when you do not understand it.  Oftentimes what you never wanted or expected turns out to be what you need.”