Once in a while I have to get on here and just brag.  I am a proud Mama Bear so please understand.  I see how hard our kids work and how different they have it but one thing that remains the same is that esteemed varsity jacket.  Tyler earned his first letter his freshman year and his jacket was ready a couple of weeks ago.  It was in my closet for awhile as he had to earn it and I could not wait to give it to him….



He truly earned it and it made me proud to make this happen for him (and boy are these EXPENSIVE!)



Some days I get a moody teenager who drives me to drink (thinking of investing in a vineyard for the twin's teen years) and I would not trade it for the life of me.  As a parent these are the moments you treasure so this Mom is just beaming!…I love you Tyler. 


That concludes this Mama Bear moment……but stay tuned!  



"Life is a journey that’s only traveled once; don’t waste it.  Today’s moments quickly become tomorrow’s memories.  Appreciate today for what it is and make your time count.  Make it memorable."