The kids have half days all week so I decided to do fun stuff with them each day.  Today it was the pumpkin patch.  Kelly and her son (Tyler's friend) joined us.  So with cameras in hand Kelly and I set out to spend time with the kids.  Ok, who am I kidding.  When Kelly and I have our cameras everything else is an after-thought!  We were photographing….

_TWB1828 the pumpkins,
_TWB1863 sunflowers, 
_TWB1853  Pumpkin Patch-8210 scare crows,
_TWB1871 and even a praying mantis

…………….the kids were running amuck in the corn maze.  We waited far too long to visit the pumpkin patch so the pickings were scarce but it suited our needs to click those shutters.  Ok, so the kids were forced to pose too!
_TWB1845 _TWB1888  
 _TWB1945 _TWB1958   
Pumpkin Patch-8196 I LOVE this photo that Kelly took (She is amazing!) 

After that I took the kids and her son to Soup Plantation for dinner.  Call me crazy for adding one more kid to the bunch but it was fun.  Plus I needed something to bribe the kids to pose for pictures.