Today I did just that..after some bantering back and forth with the twin’s TBall coaching staff the manager job was turned over to me for our big game today.  Now just to set the stage, the twin’s play in the division where they do not keep score and everyone bats.  Now that is only for league benefits.  Every one of the coaches look at outs/runs & stats and our guys take it very seriously.  We went into today’s game undefeated so there was a bit of sweat under my brow when they told me not to lose.  But I took the job seriously and filled out the line-up and the positions.  I wanted to show these boys how it is done Mommy-style.

I showed up to the game and was met by new Team Mom "Danielle" (a.k.a. Coach Dan).  This smart astranaut was wearing a long-haired wig.  He got a chuckle out of the fact I was wearing camoflauge capri’s similar to the camoflauge shorts all the guys where.  I knew that game was on and he was having a hard time letting go of the reigns.  I briefed (or in this case ‘de-briefed’) all the men on our normal duties and told them they are not allowed on the fields.  Us Moms leave them in control so we wanted the same.  Several times I had to tell Team Mom Danielle to sit her keaster down. 

The look on the opposing coaches faces were priceless when I met them on the pitcher mound to discuss the parameters of the game (I later found out that Dan called to warn them).  They chuckled but the mom’s on their teams said they wished they were doing it.  I think we may have started something. 

My feminine staff rocked the house!  They all showed up in Storm shirts (and of course matching shorts, cute earrings, and great hair).  The feeling on the field started out feeling very Mommy-sensitive-like but once the first inning was over the estrogen in our bodies dried up and we were these hungry coaches looking for the three outs and the hits.  We wanted this win!  I was directing, positioning, yelling (in an encouraging Mommy way who lost all her estrogen) and was cheering like a madwoman.  I was not going to let those boys think we could not win this game.  I caught them chuckling to one another.  I was on my knees watching intently longing for that third out in the last inning.  Once we got it and clinched the win I was able to breath again.  Us girls did it all, they doubted our ability to pitch, do the line-up and take this seriously but we showed them.  But later they all said "we knew you could do it".  The banter back and forth made it all worth it and the kids enjoyed the comradery.

So what did I learn?…… can have this job.  I would rather be in the stands talking to my fellow moms, making fun of our coaches and laughing at the kids picking grass on the field.  I want to be the nutty mom in the stands or the Team Mom with the big camera shooting the kids every expression.  I don’t want to have to remind them to stand up every two seconds and tell them how to hold the bat.  But I had the best time today.  And the kids did too! 

I had the honor or awarding the team ball and I awarded it to the Coaches daughter who pitched the entire game for us.  She did a great job.  Then Coach Dan surprised me with a Game Ball for being Interim Manager for the day.  We both exchanged our duties back and left with smiles on our face. 

Thank you Storm Moms!  You all rocked and we showed those boys!  And thanks Coach Dan for going with us on this!