Today I received the October Issue of and they had selected a layout of mine:

TWB_8186 copy 
Journaling:  2009 brought a year of great change for me.  It changed how I viewed myself, the world, and made me stand a little taller.  Change has always scared me but this time I am excited to see what the future holds for me. 39 years old and just beginning to figure out who the real Tracy is. 

They had asked me to do a write up for a possible video and I did not realize it would "air" but it was cathartic and interesting to hear someone read my words and how I felt about this particular layout. I am more of the type to scrapbook events like: first day of school, soccer games, the kids, etc. that I don't really put my personal thoughts so to have them read back to me was interesting.

Here is the audio.  I am the last featured layout:

Thanks to and Kelly for her beautiful photography to use (only she could capture me!).  It is not often I express myself (without making a joke) but I am glad I did.  Life is not always butterflies and sunshine so remembering those cloudy times is important.  The good thing is the sun does shine again….


What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.  ~John Updike