Queen Yesterday Pete said something yesterday when he was in my office.  He said I had the quite the castle (my office).  I had to agree with him and I replied "I am the Queen of the castle".  I really meant it.  Our house is my domain and I really love it.  I take pride in the improvements we have made to it together.  Although I hate the general up-keep I do my best to keep it clean and comfortable for us all.  I have a King who comes home every day and looks forward to it.   He respects me and lets me be me.  And I love him right back and do my best to keep him coming back.  I have my own space which I love and look forward to being in every day.  He shows our kids to love and repsect me which is so good for them.  So I am the Queen of this Castle.  Are you the Queen in your Castle?  It is not bad thing.  I have claimed my space in life and am proud of it.  May everyone find their space to claim.