How do I describe the past 24 hours?   In a couple of words…….relaxing, inviting, loving, fun, lots of pillows and no saying "no".  There are two very special people in our lives who live about an hour and a half from us….Gramma Gigi and Papa Darrell.  Their house is like a B & B retreat.  Many come from far and wide to visit them and they open their doors to everyone.  In fact, it is hard to find a free weekend there as they welcome the guests in and out.  They are like grandparents to the kids and boy do they get spoiled (more on that to come).  So in years past we have visited but have not spent the night.  I figured we were too close and within driving distance so we would always return at the end of the day but I so wanted to just spend the night.  Always invited to stay, I finally decided this time we extend our stay to take advantage of their hospitality. 

So yesterday I got the kids out of school early and we headed up.  We all went out to Best Buy to get a new little toy for me (details to follow) and then to Dairy Queen for lunch and ice cream.  We made a small pit stop in Dana Point to photograph the view however the winds were kicking.  Home we went (I now call it home).  Gigi encouraged me to go take a nap so who am I to protest?  Now let me describe this bed.  There are about 12 pillows (of every thickness) so I immediately just melted into the bed.  Meanwhile, the kids were entertained with video games, movies, and a play room that has every toy you can imagine (these are the people who have all the parts to their games and batteries that actually work….I know they are sick).  So back to my dream nap.  I woke up at 6:46 pm!  It was lovely.Alvinchipmunksjasonleechristmastwof

So I joined everyone where we enjoy the new Chipmunks movie and popcorn  (our pre-dinner).  We set up beds for the kids and we all laid down for the movie.  Now keep in mind here, Gigi’s rule is there is no saying "no" and just get what you would like without asking.  This goes against my very nature so I catch myself saying ‘No’ to the kids or asking for a water and she gives me that look.  You really don’t want that look.  And boy do the kids love it.  "Mom, can I have a Mountain Dew?…….(they get mid sentence now and rephrase the questions to Gigi). 

At about 9 pm we decided it was time for dinner.  Oh the kids loved that (OK, I did too).  We had a mini buffet of things and then it was game time.  Yep, the night was just starting (glad I canceled baseball for Saturday).  They played Lego Builder and then the twins went to bed so Tyler, Gigi and I could play Mexican Train.  Gigi, may look sweet however she is a tricky one.  This sweet, loving Grandma takes no mercy on us and she won.  I have decided I have found "my people" who stay up all night and sleep in.  I cannot wait to retire!

I went off to that dream bed about midnight and gathered my books, laptop and journal and nestled in with the 12 pillows.  I drifted off to sleep very early this morning. 

Taking this mini trip made me realize it is important to take these side trips with the kids and it is OK that "no" is not the only thing they hear from me.  As Gigi said, "they don’t do this every day so it is good for them".  She is such a Gramma.  And I loved the down time too. 

So more to come on my new little toy…………………….Well, it is 9:23 am and I will post this.  Pictures and possibly video to come.  We return home later today and are thankful to our hosts.  Thank you Gigi and Darell for EVERYTHING (I think that about covers it) but especially for the love, hugs, hospitality, fun, and all those pillows. We love you both. 

Seriously……..she just came in and asked if we want eggs and bacon.  Somebody just shoot me.