I know from being from the Midwest that when Californians complain about the weather no one wants to hear it but we have not see the sun in nearly a week!  And these weird wet drops are falling from the sky constantely.  When those weird wet drops join hands they cause big pools of water everywhere!  Us poor Californians cannot take not seeing the sun.  There is something in our body that breaks down and we get a little loopy.  Sure we love a day here or a day there of rain but more than two in a row causes our blonde highlights to darken up and our tan lines to fade. 

Today we actually braved the conditions (I know my family in Detroit are rolling their eyes right now) and chanced the elements……this is right down the road from us.


We are busy building our Ark while the pool is ready to overflow

No one wants to see Californians unhappy so please find our golden globe in the sky and return it to us please.  From the roots of our golden blonde hairs and from the tip of our tan toes……please find that sun and return it to where it should be.


"Take a moment every day simply to be thankful that you are alive and never forget that life is still really good despite the sad parts" ~ Jacy Good