make me happy!  OK, so that is not how the Carpenter’s song goes but theyPreschool_party sure do.  Today was a day of R & R.  It rained all day and that is so unusual for sunny San Diego. I welcome the clouds.  The kids all had today off from school so cabin fever did not hit until about 3:00 pm.  Micky and Joey are still not feeling well but we managed to pass the day with a few games and we made pretzels.  If you ask me, buying pretzels is a lot easier but they were good.  They also did some craft Fiveprojects to keep me company in my studio.

I took the day to be creative which always makes me happy.  I swear the rain drops contain inspiration for me.  I completed three layouts these past couple of days.  All were made for Fiber Scraps. Their new Tintz are to die Friends_1for. 

I also heard from the couple that I photographed yesterday.  There were very happy with their photos and that made my day.  They have asked me to photograph their wedding in November!  What a huge compliment when they said I "captured their souls".  It is such a blessing to be living my passion and actually be paid for it.  The fact that this has snow-balled into something bigger than I imaged really makes me thankful.  Sleeping has become hard for me to do because I want to be doing something every second of the day.  I guess I can just keep wishing for more rainy days.