Another annual Ramona Art & Wine Festival is in the books and what a great time it was!  So thrilled to spend time with so many great friends and see my barrel (see how my barrel came to life HERE)  go up for auction!  I am proud to say that this year mine went for $900! THANK YOU TO THE WINNING BIDDER Hilary and hubby!

Here is how that went down HERE…..

The memories were so great from this day HERE…….

Some Thanks You’s:  Special thanks to my sponsor San Vicinte Resorts, Heather and all who put this fun festival together.  THANKS to Decoart and Dynasty Brush company for your awesome products that bring color into my creative world!  Thanks Mark for the furniture dolly that saved my back.  To my friend Mary for your work, support and dedication to our little engine that can.  Special thanks to my friends for making the day even better!  From start to finish there was nerves, smiles and lots of laughs!

Bring on the next challenge!

You often seek validation from the wrong sources.  You will never find your worth in another human being—you will find it in yourself, and then you will attract those who are worthy of your energy.  So stop waiting for others to tell you how impressive you are.  Impress yourself.  Show yourself that you can grow and get better.  It’s never about competing with others.  In the end, it’s just you vs. you.”