I absolutely LOVE when I get to teach my passion for art.  My latest class is taking that love to painting wine glasses!  It is kind of a beautiful blending of so many things I love and toss in that I get to teach at amazing local wineries that is a winning combination!  My latest class was at Ramona Ranch Winery last week.  I love this location and the owners, Teri and Micole!  They are amazing people and cannot say enough about them…



It is great to work with a women who partners with you to grow both your businesses…oh and did I mention she makes/pours amazing wine but that is not the only reason I love her.


It was a great group of women and the laughing was a’plenty while they were learning….





Please enjoy this slide show of the class HERE:

If you missed this SOLD out class I am teaching it again at San Pasqual Winery in La Mesa, CA on October 8th from 6:00-8:00 pm.  You can sign up HERE for this event…..seats are limited and saved with payment.



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