Last weekend I had a small canvas painting class at Ramona Ranch Winery.  It was a chance to get back outside, paint and was one where the teacher learned…more about that in a moment.  It was another lovely day painting and tasting wine!


Fun was had by all as they got into their paintings in this picturesque location….


Here is where the lesson is for the teacher……..there was one particular lady named Lorraine, who taught us all that day you always have your passion within.  She did not paint the same thing we did.  She had not had a paint brush in her hand for over 10 years and had wonderful stories to share with us.  She just started in with the supplies and first asked if she had to paint what I was teaching…I cleared the way and off she went. She just started painting a portrait of her daughter (who mind you had signed her up).  While she painted she talked about her life, growing up, painting and more.  It was a reminder that the passion was always there and she was thankful for the opportunity and reminder to pick up a brush.  I thank her daughter, Robin and Lorraine for being there to remind us we are never too old, limited supplies do not matter, and just go for it.  There needs to be a Lorraine in every class……


I thank all of you ladies for sharing your afternoon with me….

and thank you Teri Kerns for being a wonderful host and to my lovely assistant Mary for helping so much!  Cheers to that!


I leave you with a SLIDE SHOW of our afternoon together picking up our paint brushes!

I am at Pamo Valley Winery this Sunday for glass painting and only 2 seats left! Details HERE.

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