Sometimes I am at a loss for words…………this was one of those such moments when I read this:

Hello Tracy, My name is Dawn P. and I am a follower of your blog, I am in your Monday night media classes about once a month, catching up on the others via Youtube!
I have to tell you that I think you are an amazing person and artist! So much positive energy and love of life!

I have been following you for about 2 years.I am married to a wonderful man and have 4 grown children. 3 are out of college, one still in. My oldest son is married and I have a beautiful grandson! I am still a very busy Mom and now grandma. I am an avid card-maker and calligrapher. I have been waiting to bust into the mixed media area and am just now starting to have some time!

This week I began reading your blog from the very beginning, just to see how you did it. Let me tell you, your blog could be a book. Your humor and energy are present in all of your tales of art art, family life and just plain being a great mom. I applaud you! Please keep writing and living life powerfully! As I read about when your kid were small, it brought back wonderful memories of my young children, the first three just 2 years apart. I could relate to the beginning of a multi-sport season (year sometimes!) and saying to my husband, “well it’s April 1st, we will have a week off from sports in June, see you then!” Now just fit in all of the birthday’s and extended family, friends and school! (I was a class mom, reader, PTA President and soccer referee administrator.) I feel your pain…and joy!

Well that all I wanted to say for now, express what a pleasure it is to be an acquaintance via the internet (I was rolling when you got so excited about “no more dial up modem) I remember that too!

Have a great day Tracy! I will try to be “in class” on Monday!” ~ Dawn P.

It is so easy every week to do my show and not know who is out there.  That is why I am enjoying everyone sharing their photos with me of their time with me at MMM.   She hit it when she said “I feel your pain….and joy”.  Life is full of ups and downs and to know we all have our own stories but are never alone means a lot.

This past week I have had a heavy heart.  Someone was taken from our life.  My art has been for and from my heart in my latest journal pages…..


My walking has been a great time to reflect and be thankful.  And mean more when I get messages like this:

Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos thanks for the inspiration. I walked 1 mile in 22 minutes. Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.  Yesterday I used my handicap parking because of joint pain and neuropathy. Today, I was able to walk!!” ~Bonnie


So whether I am inspiring you to paint or motivating you to get off the couch and moving your rear with me (#movingmyrear) I thank you for joining in me and letting me know you are out there.  We are not alone.  We all have stories.  I choose to share just some of mine via my blog.  I am thankful for those who read it and share their experiences with me.  It is nice to know you have touched someone in some way and that makes a difference.  I think of how one person we lost last week touched so many.

So walk those miles, paint those pretty pictures and carry on.  Live your best life….and create the life you want to live.  Just my random thoughts of Gratitude…


“Waking up in the morning is a blessing.  We don’t live in a world of perpetual peace, but one laden with bouts of chaos.  On top of this, accidents do happen.  Getting another day to breathe, to experience life, and to do something meaningful is the greatest gift one can receive.  Make today count!”