It has been another busy week and I am capping it all off with a Girls Day Out.  Janine, Colleen, Shelly and I will be at the Scrapbook Expo tomorrow.  A day with the girls is a great way to end the week and being at a scrapbook event is icing on the cake.  Did I mention Janine is picking me up at 7 am?  UGH!  I don’t operate well at that time. 

It has been a busy work.  My various jobs & projects have kept me busy.  I have one more week to balance work, home, and kids and then I will hopefully be able to balance my time better.  Everyone keeps asking what I will be doing with all my "spare" time.  I can think of a zillion things to fill the time so I need to watch all that volunteering.  I feel blessed to have things to balance.

I do have some exciting news but cannot say until things are official.  I have been asked to work with a couple of new companies.  I hope to share soon.  I love sharing the latest and greatest with everyone.  I need to keep that "To Do" list current as so many things are being added all the time.

OK, two more random thoughts.  I just LOVE music.  It has always been a huge part of my life.  Usually I can hear a song once and repeat the words.  And I run the gammet on music from rap to Broadway!  My iPod is a treasured possession.  I have a new favorite song……..Joe Nichols, Another Side of You.  What a pretty song.

Time to add another item to my Life List.  It is getting bigger all the time.  I even have some items ready to be checked off.  For the longest time I have adored one car.  I am a rather simple car lover (must have four wheels that rotate and not make any strange noises).  Mustang_gtcs_2007_1And realistically, the SUV is my partner due to the kids but down the road I have the car of my dreams.   It is a Ford Mustang (yes I am a FORD girl, born and raised).  So I am adding it to the list.  The kids and I have made a game of my beloved car.  We literally yell "Mustang" and the color when we are out and about.  Another person has to see it for it to count.  I can be in a lull on the highway and someone in the back will yell "Mustang – Red" and we all look.  Something fun to pass the driving time.  Even when I am by myself I find myself playing.  So one day when the Mean Green Expedition has served it’s time and carried that baseball, soccer & beach gear I will tenderaly trade it in for the car of my dreams.  Hey, a girl can dream….Anyone else have a dream car?

Well, that concludes my blog of random thoughts.  Have a great weekend all!