I am going to say this and maybe someone will remind me in about 2 weeks that I said this, "I am glad to have the kids home for summer".  Now, that is not to say that come August 25th when the kids go back to school I will not hastily drop them off and get the heck away from them but today I am happy to say that SCHOOL IS OUT! 

What a day!  It started at 8:30 am with tons of stuff going on at school.  The twin’s had their kindergarten carnival and had such a great time!  Dad was home from his work trip and he went to school and ran the musical chairs booth.  I am not sure who had more fun, the kids or him.  I was kind of proud to sit back and think it was only 6 years ago when Tyler was in kindergarten and I was the one who started this carnival tradition (by the way there are about 10 parents who worked the booths who may not agree with me.  They all looked kind of tired when they were done but hey, I already threw one of these deals so I was smart enough grab my camera and act like I was there in an official capacity).  6 years ago my floor was piled with gift bags, carnival games, and medals.  This go ’round I took a back seat.
_dsc4168 _dsc4152_3
_dsc4192 _dsc4237
_dsc4258 _dsc4288
Once school was out we went to our friend’s annual "End Of School Party".  They have a wonderful catered party for the kids so it is something we look forward to all year ’round.  They day was not over yet.  We then went home for our own ‘First Summer BBQ".  Us parents (and grandma) sat back…..
_dsc4313 _dsc4331
enjoyed a nice cool beverage……
_dsc4340_2 _dsc4334 _dsc4338
_dsc4350  _dsc4359
DISCLAIMER:  No animals were harmed in the drinking of these alcoholic beverages….All people pictured are over 21 (well over) and no one engaged in dancing on the tables (but I tried to talk Grandma into it).  Please drink responsibly and do not try this at home (wait, DO try this at home).

Back to my
        and we watched the kids swim……
_dsc4322 _dsc4330
_dsc4358 _dsc4307   
I am now sitting back, unwinding and viewing the 200+ photos I took today.  I am sitting at my desk, with a hot cup of tea and for the first time in months I am not thinking about teacher’s gifts, coaches gifts, baseball parties, school projects, homework, etc.  Phew, time to take a deep breath.  Now I can focus on what I love the most, creating some fun projects for CHA.