I have taken some much needed time off to relax, refresh and renew!  The latter part of 2012 has been a busy and fabulous one but it left me feeling creatively drained!  So I took the time off to be with my family, friends and more!  Loved each and every minute of it.  Lots of great times and pictures in my camera to unload.  Happy to say that his past weekend I returned to my studio and painted which felt great……



I kid you not this is my largest work yet…..18 X 24!  We are going big this year!



Also I sat down as Monday, January 7th we start fresh with Mixed Media Mondays for 2013!  This year is going to be bigger and better!  I am beyond excited to get started so here is the calendar…..(click to enlarge and print!)


Looks like we have some guests for January too…my parents are in town!  So look forward to meeting them January 7th!  and time to think of your Word for 2013 as we will be using that on January 7th……our first show back for 2013! 

Also coming in January…our next SWAP!  Details to follow shortly but I have listed the tentative dates.  Stay TUNED!!!  So mark your calendars.  Ring in the New Year and looking forward to all of what 2013 holds for us all!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"All too often our lives can be spread too thin and
it becomes important to gather our thoughts
and center ourselves to become whole again."