Someone asked me the other day if I make New Years Resolutions.  The answer is no….ok, heck no.  I don’t believe in picking a date such as January 1 and turning 360 degrees to do something that in a few months I will forget about and fret over failing.  So forget that.  I feel that if I wanted to make changes I could start any day and today is that day. 

I do believe in having a "Life List".  I can remember when I was younger writing down things I would have done by such-and-such an age.  I wanted to graduate from collage (did that 1/2 year early), get married (done), have kids (heck I had two more than I thought I would), blah blah.  A few years back I realized I had done a lot of those things but wanted to expand my list to fun things.  Way back when I started a list in Word.  It didn’t have a name.  It was just a list of things I wanted to do before I died.  Not too long ago I was watching "Ellen" and she has a "Life List".  Bingo!  I had a name for my list.  It is not a list I shared nor really kept track of.  After that show I up-dated the list and started adding things to it.  So this is not a list of resolutions but things I want to fit into my lifetime.  I realize that life is short (when I made that first list I felt like I had eternity to finish it) so I want to fit in everything I can.  I shall share my list here:


If anyone wants to share their list I would love to compare.  Heck, help me check off a few of mine.  I will have my camera handy in 2007!

So with that said…..Logo_wwwtext2logocom_2