I am happy to say that along with work, kids, sporting events, etc. I have found some time in the busy schedule to meet up with a friend and get in a hike or two.  Finally Fall has somewhat arrived in SoCal.  I swear for awhile I thought Mother Nature had forgot to wind her clock.  Now the dry, breezy (fire danger) weather is back and mixed in are a few days of Fall like weather. 

I am the wide one of the right……Gee, even Kelly has figured out how to position her shadow to look thinner.  I have caught on to her other trick where she makes me look like a Bobble Head.  What are good friends for!  She even makes my poor shadow feel bad…….would it do any good to say I was juggling a camera and had on flared shorts?  UGH


We also met another friend along the way.  I bet he would not make my shadow feel bad.  I thought I caught him winking at me when Kelly was not looking.