It seems like forever since I was able to do something creative however I realize while I was gone I was writing a lot so that counts.  I returned to a LIST a mile long of things I need to do but top on that list was to unload some of the creativity and get back in my Studio.  Friday night after a long day of shopping, haircuts, laundry, work, paying bills, nearly losing a credit card (thank you to the Chevron gas station attendent who found it and called me!), cleaning, and more work I poured myself a glass of wine.  I put on my favorite music, lit my new candle and had me a good 'ole romantic time painting & doodling!……


My mom got me these cool little cards that have sayings on them so I decided to pick one out and just go for it…….



and I decided to just keep going and Let it Go……(after two glasses of wine that gets easier)




This month's Creative Dare is all about Letting it Go so that is exactly what I am doing!  I am thankful for the jumpstart I gave myself that was needed.  

 "Balance yourself – work diligently toward your goals and dreams, but don’t ignore every other aspect of your life.  Keep your mind fresh, your body active and alive, and your relationships nurtured.  Do so, and the things you want most in life will come more naturally."