Where do I begin to descibe this little trip other than to say "Woo Hoo!"!  I a so excited to share my mini road trip.  Susan and I took a road trip to Palm Springs.  This trip is special for a few reasons.  First off, we have always wanted to go around her birthday (July 3rd), we wanted to soak in some relaxation time by the pool and she is instrumental in helping me check off something off my Life List (details to follow). 

Our first stop along the way was to our friend Randy’s who is an AWESOME photographer!  This ties into my dream here but due to hot weather we decided to delay that end of the deal.  In the interim we asked Randy if he would shoot some photos of us. 
Rkp_8009_2 Rkp_8017 Rkp_8019 Rkp_8037 

Don’t we look like two high school seniors (ok, senior citizens LOL)?  Ok, maybe not but we had so much fun.  I think the last time I had a portrait done I was 18!  That was 20 years ago.  Did I just admit that?  We had so many fun outtakes doing this 
Rkp_8025 Rkp_8026_2 Rkp_8028   
Rkp_8031_2 Rkp_8030 

Thanks Randy!  BTW, if you need an awesome photographer in the Palm Spings area he is your guy!  He made us look 20 years younger so imagine how great he is!

We then left to go sit pool side for the afternoon.  We found that the 1′ wading pool was perfect for us to lay there and read our smut magazines. 

Time to go get ready for my next little event………any guesses?  This one takes the cake for being off the wall but crazy me has wanted to do it for so long.