After many days sick I got up Saturday and was feeling better and was ready to get armed and dangerous.  Ok, not quite but I was on the lookout for my green Robin Hood tights.  We were set for archery lessons!  It is so hard to find activities for two 9 yrs olds, a 13 year old and a 40 year old.  Someone always gets bored.  Even movies are hard to pick for this vast age range.  When I saw the archery lessons on Groupon I thought this may be good for all of us. 

We had 2 hours of archery lessons and target shooting.  It was fun! 
The twins got into it!  Micky could still look fashionable and dangerous….

and Joey even got a bulls-eye. 

Tyler and I of course had to have a wager.  He has his mom's competitive side.  If he lost he was folding all the laundry (I had four loads just waiting for him) and if he won, I had to buy him his own dessert of choice. 

I should know better than to ever wager food in this family…..The little bugger beat me! 

We all had fun and enjoyed the afternoon. 


Thank you Groupon for extending these new adventures to us at a price I can afford.  I have a few more adventures up my sleeve to try more new things.


"Spend fun, joyful time with your children…they remind you what's important" ~Crystal Ashby