Yesterday we took the kids to Magic Mountain.  There was Tyler and our friend’s two kids.  We Dscn0301 started out at 7 am and was on the road for three hours.  Once there we immediately headed to the roller coasters.  I was proud of Dscn0306_1 Tyler’s ability to get on and ride a lot of the coasters even when he could not see what they did or how high they went.  We probably hit 7-10 rides and really walked that park.  The lines were not bad at all and the weather fully cooperated.  All in all my friend and I thought it was a great day and the kids really loved it.  Of course, the day would not be complete unless something went wrong.  Dscn0367

Tyler and I rode a very big roller coaster.  When we got off we both kind of had a headache.  We continued on and rode more rides and walked and walked.  I could tell that Tyler was not feeling so good so we decided not to go on the last ride.  He was really hurting then.  Once we got to the car he was down for the count and did not feel good.  I was dreading that three hour drive.  We got on the road and his head was pounding and he felt sick.  Sure enough he decided to "lose his lunch" but thankfully with my quick thinking and my friend’s great driving skills we were able to get Tyler out of the truck and he was truly sick.  I think he got heat exhausted and dehydrated.  My fault because we really did not drink enough and that big coaster did not help.  Thankfully we were able to get back on the road and he started feeling better.  It was a fun day and certainly we got the use out of those free tickets.