Summer is coming to an end so quickly and I am gonig to miss it.  There is nothing like summer in San Diego.  And no better way than to spend a day on the bay sailing!  What an absolutely amazing day!  Thank you to our hosts Marilyn and Dave who truly are so wonderful to be with! 


Thanks also to Jacqueline and Mike.  The laughter alone is what it is all about.   


Thank you to Paula Winchster for the great photos that included me.  She is very talented!

I learned lots of great sailing terms and watched the crew man this beautiful boat.  It truly was breath-taking.  I found out that the sailors love "jibbing" but as a passenger that means hanging on for dear life even down to those toes! TWB_1691a

I never knew my toes could do a death grip!


So many highlights to the trip including seeing a submarine coming in..Go Navy! 

Also got to see the Tall Ships that are in for the Festival of Sail like the Californian!

And some cool boats all the way from New Zealand that took 160 days to get here.  Very neat!

and of course America's Finest City!

So thank you all who were part of this great day.  Here is just my photo recap in a slide show just how beautiful that day was (sorry it goes so quick but so many photos to fit in!):

Once again a reminder just how blessed I am and I never forget that!   


 "Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are." ~Marianne Williamson