Every now and again I get a weekend all to myself.  Sure I love the sports, the BBQ's, kids, pool, and the mayhem but every now and again I feel the need to set a date for just me.  I live in a pretty darn amazing city.  I sure am overdue for some beach time but Sunday I decided to take in some of San Diego with a friend and take my camera along…….

Hillcrest Farmers Market…..oh the vivid colors!

and then you see things like this that stop you dead in your tracks…


and of course you have to have a photo!


You know, I had to look back at this photo just to realize the guy was selling salad dressing but he sure was willing to let me advertise for his other cause 🙂 (which is a good one……that darn cancer!!!)

Then there was Little Italy of course…


By now us girls were parched and we hit downtown San Diego, the Gaslamp District…

San Diego truly is America's Finest City and we ventured out and took in so many beautiful parts of our City.  That is enough to rejuvenate the soul and make you appreciate just what you have.  I look forward to the next date with my camera.  Thanks Susan! 

I always find these trips inspiring…….


"Dream big, take small positive actions each day and write down the plan." ~James D. White