I had my last two classes of the year in the last weeks and after some final adjustments between classes I had a small class and an over-filled class.  I was most thankful for the class I had at San Pasqual Winery as it allowed me to just sit and paint.  We started with a yummy glass of wine….


I felt like I was with friends as I was and we had a lovely time of wine and painting!




As always everyone’s glasses turn out so unique to them and I love that!


Thank you everyone for that chance to unwind before Christmas and share what I love so much…


I am thankful for every class, those who join me and those to join me over and over again. Whether the class is big or small I have the same anxiety and want everyone to feel they got my attention and enjoyed themselves.  After this class I had the anxiety of 20 new people joining me on Sunday at Ramona Ranch……Stay tuned in 2015 for more classes to clink to!  I am working on my 2015 schedule!

You are flawed, so is everyone you know, and that’s just as it should be.  Seriously, have no fear of perfection; you will never reach it.  And don’t expect that others will achieve it either.  We’re all imperfect beings filled with flaws and imperfections, therefore we shouldn’t wish to highlight the weaknesses of others at the expense of denying our own.  In the end, you will come to realize that perfection, especially in relationships, is only ever found in the beauty and honest appreciation of imperfection.”