I am starting a petition that states that Santa should let the kids know that gifts cannot be unwrapped until the sun comes up.  The first child (JoJo) comes in at 5:50 "Mom, Santa came!".  To which I lovingly replied "Joey, please go to bed for 30 more minutes".  Ten minutes later the next rugrat (Micky) comes in "Mom, Santa came!".  To which I not-so-lovingly begged "Micky, go back to bed for 30 more minutes".  Ten minutes later the third brat comes in "Mom, Santa Came!" to which I just threw the towel in and told them to wake everyone else up.  Heck, if I was going to be miserable I wanted all the other adults up too.  So by 6:30 am we were unwrapping presents. 
_TWB4845  _TWB4847 
_TWB4872 Micky loves her American Doll that looks like her
_TWB4849  _TWB4851 
_TWB4854 Tyler was thrilled with his new Jr. Golf Clubs
_TWB4859  _TWB4866  
_TWB4860 The boys hugged over Joey's Wii Rock Band
_TWB4868 Gram and Papa loved the re-gifted album

We were all happy to have Pete home as he usually has to go off to work
PC251160 Ugh, please ignore water spots on water camera
PC251171 Here I am doing all I can to stay awake and capture this all one film.

Kids were thrilled with what Santa brought, I was thankful to go back to bed from 7-10 am and Pete was thankful for some peace when he caught this nap

And then the Rock Band came out and that peace was short-lived
_TWB4876  _TWB4878  

It was a Merry Christmas for all but a very loud one.  Next year I am letting those kids know that the presents stay wrapped until the sun comes up.