Today is a day of PJ’s, expected rain, catching up and painting in my Studio.  Sometimes you just need to shut it down and dig into your creative side.  I want to share some of my latest projects in my art journal…..

Here is today’s work…


where I used my NEW…..old typewriter that I got last week!


Loving this Sugar Skull that I used based on Tracy Moreau’s free pattern posted HERE:


and then some other pieces I did last week…….


Just a relaxing day before I need to pack it up this week to head to PaperWorld in Germany.  This art journal is almost done so I am going to paint some more!  PJ and painting days are the best!

There are right people and wrong people for you.  There are fake people and then there are those who are true friends and sincere companions on the path.  There are people who take the heart out of you, and those who put it back.  You have a choice of who to spend time with.  True friends (personal or professional) have an honest heart and will go out of their way to help you when you need it most.  Stick with the people who never let you down and keep their promises.  You can’t fake that.”