I have been going, going, going and boy does this Saturday morning feel good.  For the first time in MONTHS there is not one iota of sports or kiddo activities going on this weekend.  House is quiet, PJ's are still on and hot tea is steaming on my studio island ready for me to get painting. 

Seriously, that is bliss in my book! 

VowMy day started with a great chick flick……The Vow.  How yummy is Channing Tatum?  Great way to start my day just lounging in bed with visions of Channing dancing through my head (ok, way off track HERE!)

Then it was in my studio I go for some time to create and just play in the silence (darn Channing again………go away!).  My date with my PJ's is on this morning. 

 Back to working on my next class which I will be teaching locally too (details SOON!).  Here is a sneak peak…..

I will secretly admit that the last few weeks of sports have been exciting; undefeated season of soccer for Joey just came to an end, Micky's travel basketball team made the playoffs by winning the last two games (must-wins) and Tyler lettered/made the varsity team in track but today……..there are no uniforms to wash, no uncomfy bleachers to sit in and no gatorade to haul around in the back of the car. 

Nope, just me, my pajamas, some paints and visions of Channing dancing through my head (oh there I go again).  Happy Saturday and I hope you take some YOU time the next chance you get.  I tell you it feels amazing AND I know it may be MONTHS before I have this time again.


"Life is too short to be anything but happy" ~Unknown