We are closing in on the end of this Christmas vacation and making the most of it.  Friday I worked again for most of the day.  The boss surprised me with a Christmas Bonus and gift cards for iTunes, Blockbuster and Barnes & Noble.  I feel very fortunate to have this part time job that I love and my boss is great to work for.  You gotta love money and giftcards but I have to admit I was most excited about the iTunes card.  That will be $50 well-spent charging up my new iPod.  That made my day.  I always feel like the lucky one to work from home, go in to the office one day a week (that I pick) and get a paycheck.  When I quit my job I always had it in the back of my mind that giving up my career to be a "mom" would void my hard-earned collage degree.  I was so wrong and realize there is always ways to use that education and it is not always climbing the corporate ladder.  Hey, I get to wear my workout clothes to work LOL. 

Friday my mom and I also joined Susan for a night at the mall.  We had a great time and ended up at the Mac make-up counter.  Being that this is my mom’s specialty she was able to steer us in the direction of good skin-care.  Susan and I had our eyes redone and walked away with new make-up.  I got a kick out of the woman doing up my eyes for an "evening out".  I would scare the family with those eyes.  I think I will stick to my "Stay at home" eyes.  Mom and I were Susan’s fashion consultants while she was looking for work clothes.  We all had a great time and I added one more item to my Life List…..own or just wear a pair of high heels and work it.  Susan and my mom were surprised to hear that I have never had a pair of high heels on.  I think they look great with jeans and would love a pair of black heeled boots.  First off, I think I would kill myself walking and second I think I would fall over laughing.  A girl can dream though!  I think Nike needs to come out with a line of heels and then I am so on board!  With a decent heel I will be over 6′ tall.  Dscn0399_1 This may be my very own mid-life crisis. 

Today was another busy one.  I took Tyler to basketball practice and decided to run 2.5 miles to make the most of the time.  It was another gorgeous San Diego day and my iPod is my new best friend.  Meanwhile dad was riding 96 miles to Oceanside.  What a nut!  He took along my camera and shot a few pictures.  He sure is taking advantage of the weather.

Mom and I took the kids to the movies to see ‘Night at the Museum’.  Cute movie.  We arrived home to see Pete.  He has been working lots with his new promotion so we take advantage of his awake hours.