I can officially say that I have successfully photographed just under 500 people in one sitting.  With the help of some great volunteers we were able to assemble the entire student body and staff into a configuration. I arrived to find out that I would be on a 14′ ladder that is loaded in the back of a truck.  Now I am not a big fan of being 18′ in the air balancing while trying to take a picture.  It turned out to be a ton of fun. Seeing 6 women man-handling this huge ladder into a flat bed truck and then corralling 500 elementary schools kids is my idea of fun. It was fun for me because I had the easy job.  I got to direct people and just balance on a ladder.  Oh yeah, and I had to yell "Say Cheese".  I am happy to say I survived and the picture turned out great.  I would love to share photos but I don’t have permission to post photos of those 500 folks so I will just show some photos that were taken of the process.
Dscn0119 This is my lovely assistant, Vanna…I mean Kelly.

Dscn0120  Work it Janine.

Dscn0122 That little Irish Woman in front is the one who volunteers me. 

Dsc_2677 I had to take this shot…Why is my shadow so much thinner than me?

Thanks mom for snapping those photos.  It was a lot of fun.  I get to mark that off my list of things weighing on my mind. 

So tomorrow we are off on our desert adventure.  This may be one of those trips where you see three women hugging cacti and looking for some po-dunk restaurant.  Enjoy your weekend all!  I know I plan to live in every moment because my busy week starts all over on Monday……….go Chargers!