School is out for SUMMER!!!  I have two who are thrilled about that!


Proud of them as they now will be heading to 8th grade!  On this day we celebrate and leap in with our friends…


These pool parties are numbered as some head off to high school but happy to see them take this same leap every year.  May the forever remember that feeling of that last day of school and that leap!

And to all the Moms in my Village……..thank you for another great year in carpools, support and knowing we are not in this alone.  It truly does take a village and I am ever so thankful for mine…..♥

You are needed.  You are significant.  Whatever you do will matter immensely, going far beyond you and coming back in profound ways you can’t even imagine.  So always go above and beyond, especially for those who need you the most.  In a world full of people who couldn’t care less, be someone who couldn’t care more.”