Last day of school was last Wednesday for my kiddos.  I am offically the mom of (2) 6th graders and an 11th grader.  How am I even old enough for that!  Before Micky gave these to her teacher I snapped photos of them because I just thought they were so sweet……


In typical style we started out summer with a bang and had our friends over to kick off summer with a pool party!


Kids had fun…..



and us mom's took a moment to sigh in relief



Great way to kick off summer.  When all was said and done there was kid trading that went on and I was left with (3) twelve-year-old boys playing Xbox.  Other two were farmed out and this mom was left to take a load off and relax



Needed that time.  Excited for the summer to come.  As usual it will present itself with challenges of balancing fun, work and everything else life throws our way but it all has a way of working out.  Cheers to well wishes and all that summer has to bring……

"I love the way you prove day in and day out that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the decision that other things are more important than fear.  You take little, conscious steps every day to love those around you, to care for yourself, and to find joy in the smallest moments – all these little steps add up to greatness."