I don't know what it is about JoJo (ok, maybe it is because his mom still calls him JoJo) but he has been on some losing teams. Now I know it is not all about winning but when I say losing, I mean not just a game but the entire season. Him and I joke about that and he is good humored about it.  Micky tried soccer and was on an undefeated team.  She played basketball for the first time this year and her team not only won the division but the championship but she also went on to all-stars and won.  In Joey's first season in that sport they only won one game.  So when he jokes about it, it truly is funny.

This season in soccer I have seen a change in him.  He has usually played goalie and although likes the position it gets boring all game so this season he told me he was going to ask the coach to play something different.  So for the first three games he has been goalie half the game and mid or forward for the second half.  Good compromise and I have seen a whole new player in him!  This coach is bringing out the best in all the team! 

Sunday was his third game.  First half he was goalie and had some great saves…

some good kicks…

and a few that just got by…

Second half he was right mid, third game of the season and the third consectutive game he has scored! 

"Look Mom and Julie…score #1!"

when you see your kid this happy it makes all that taxi driving and carpooling to practices worth it!

he almost had Score #2…"I was this close…."

 Two of the cutest fans ever!

What a great Sunday at the fields!  Hope your weekend was as fulfilling as mind!


"Don't be pushed by your probelms. Be led by your dreams" ~Proverb