Tball Scrappin Sports asked me to do some Gymnastics and T-ball layouts so here is my first layout.   I love this picture of Joey. 

So we watched the most ridiculous thing on TV (ESPN!) tonight and we could not stop watching.  Do you know what the USAPRS League is?  It is the United Sates of America Paper Rock Scissors League!  And they had their League Championship in Las Vegas this year.  What is the world coming to when we make Rock, Paper, Scissors a sporting event!  All we need next is the Duck, Duck Goose League or the Simon Says Invitational.  Wanna know what was even more silly?  We had a family competition with a losers bracket and everything.  It was hilarious watching Pete stretch and warm-up.  Are we sad, or what?  Guess who reigned supreme?  Yep, yours truly is hoping to be invited to Las Vegas next year to compete.  Hey, the winner gets $50,000!