So another day in my life…Today Tyler and I had a special day planned together.  It was very hot day and we were hitting Sea World to ride the rides that the twins are too small for.  The #1 ride was Journey to Atlantis.  We have been there a couple of times and each time the ride was closed for repairs (first sign of trouble).  So we pull into Sea World and meander around for 30 minutes looking for parking (another omen).  Finally we were headed in with our new season passes and all ready to hit that roller coaster on this 90 degree (and humid!  Yet another omen).   We immediately notice in the parking lot that there are no yells or screams coming from the ride.  We head in and run to the ride across the park to find out it is closed for repairs and would not be open for 1-2 hours.  Now at this point I don’t want to put myself in a metal cart careening through the water when it is not reliable but I would do it for Tyler.  So we had back to the entrance to guest services to get our cards for our new passes.  I wait in the single ticket line for 30 minutes (the mood is changing now).  Tyler and I head over to Shipwreck Rapids to ride, get wet and cool down.  We make it over there and the line is moving (thank heavens!)  We are all excited.  After 40 minutes or so we get to the top of the platform and I notice that the platform is not moving and no one is loading (our mood plummets).  WDscn0296_1e also notice the water line is going down rapidly by 3 feet!  After 15 minutes someone comes out and says it would be a half hour to one hour for the ride to re-open.  Are you kidding me!  This is joke.  I tell Tyler to come on and back to Guest Services we go.  I wait in another ½ hour to give them a piece of my mind.  By now 2 hours has lapsed and we have been in precisely two customer service lines!  Ironically the lady behind me is there for the same exact reason.  We calculated we did the same exact things about ½ hour part.  The only difference is she was actually evacuated off the rides. So this customer service rep did not have a chance.  We were two loaded guns with four kids between us.  I actually demanded my money back and got it!  The refunded all my passes and we immediately left.  Now thankfully Tyler has such a great spirit that he was easily bought off with a Starbucks Frappachino and a trip to Barnes & Noble.  As always he keeps me positive and I was happy that I had got my money back.  I could not imagine how crazy I would have been with the twins there.  Needless to say, the day ended on a good note and Tyler got a rain check to have another day out with mom.  Shamu will not be seeing us this summer. 

So after reading these last two posts I have decided that my summer ranting is officially over.