Oh I have been a very bad blogger but I am back.  I have had a couple of busy weeks working and then being sick.  I am on the mend and now only sound like I am hacking up half a lung but I feel much better.  So I figured I would get back on track by getting in the holiday spirit. It seems that since before Halloween I have heard Christmas music.

So this newest publication came out just in time to get me in the holiday spirit.  In the latest edition of Scrapbooking & Beyond (Winter 2010) is my latest published work. 


 Now if this layout does not get you in the holiday spirit than I do not know what will. 


I cannot tell you how surprised I was to look out our window one Christmas morning to hear the wind howling, see the snow falling on the pine trees and see this beautiful "red cloaked visitor who seemed content to share the festivities perched on a snowy branch outside…." 

Hmmmm………..Let me see.  I live in San Diego, the sun always shines and palm trees adorn the landscaping.  I sure do wish that I could have lived that tale however this layout was created for a company using their photo and rubber stamps.  I just found it so ironic that I live in the sunniest place on Earth and had a wintery Christmas layout published.

Needless to say it was a fun layout and I hope it gets you in the Christmas spirit.  I am back and ready to share some more family stories, photos, creativity and hopefully none of my germs.