Thank you to all who submitted and took the August Creative Dare!  Once again you guys rocked the projects and this one really seemed to really hit home.  Our random Augustwinner is Jessica Baldwin!  Jessica please email your address to [email protected] to claim your prize

I am excited for the September Creative Dare because it is all about your Home.  Whether your home is the physical one you live in or yourself.  We all get to choose what we allow in and for me my home/myself is very protected.  There was a time I did not know the power of the word "No".  I was your typical people pleasing "Yes" Woman.  One day I took stock in my phone ringing and literally counted the number of times my phone rang and the number of "things" people wanted.  I was the "Yes" Woman!  "Yes" I can team mom, "Yes" I can room mom, "Yes" I can make 3000 copies a day, "Yes" I can balance the PTA books.  "Yes" I can cook dinner, clean house, juggle, mindread and spin plates.  "Yes" I can wear a cape and fly!  It was Super Woman syndrome.  Then there came a day when I realized that all those "Yes's" were leaving me drained and empty.  

The power of the word "No" allowed me to decide what I allowed in my home, my personal space.  I get to choose what makes a difference.  I decide who to open the front door to.  It feels great and I have taken years to work on that.  

So Monday I shared my "home" and what I want in it:



So now I challenge you to share your "Home".  You can list what you want left out or focus on what you want inside.  Maybe you wish there was less clutter in your house and are working on it.  It is great reminder of what is important to you.  I may even do this Dare again as I need a 12 bedroom house to list more things….

Post your completed project along with a photo of my original piece that you selected in your post.  Leave a comment on this post and upload your project below  It is easy to submit!  Just upload your layouts below "ADD YOUR LINK"!  If you do not have a blog to link to don't worry!  You can still upload to Flicker HERE and link from there too! 

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Until I learned the power of the word "No" and decided for myself (and my kids) just how important our Home is my life was filled with clutter.  My home and life is for the most part clutter-free and full of the things that are important to us.    

Welcome Home this month!……….


"Bottom line:  Life isn’t about pleasing everyone.  Begin today by taking full responsibility for your own happiness."