I am showing you how to create a gorgeous floral art journal page using my brand-new stamps and watercolor paint. We’ll start with the stamps, fill in with some pen work details, and finish it off with some paint. You are going to love how easily this art page comes together!

floral watercolor art with stamps

First, use painter’s tape to tape off the edges of your art journal page. Grab your watercolor paints, archival ink pad, and stamps. (If you don’t have stamps, don’t worry – you can simply draw your flowers too.) I’m first using a scrap piece of paper to stamp and then applying them to my page. 

adding stamps to art journal page

Now, we are going to draw more flowers and leaves using an ultra-fine Sharpie. I’m just drawing the outline for now and placing them throughout the page.

adding floral stamps and drawing flowers with pen

I am using a #4 watercolor paintbrush and will apply some yellow and orange to my flower centers. Then, adding some teal, blue, yellow, and green watercolor paint to my petals. I am just adding and blending – letting the color fall where it may! Dry using a heat gun.

adding watercolor paint

Next, I am using a Molotow Permanent Black pen to fill in the lines of my flowers – adding texture to my drawn flowers and adding more details to my stamped flowers.



adding more pen details to the flowers

I mixed some teal, dark blue, and black to create a darker teal color. I’m going to fill in that negative space with this paint color. Dry with a heat gun.

adding paint to the negative space

I’m going to grab some white acrylic paint and a liner brush and add some more details to my flowers – just some lines coming off of the centers and some dots. I’ll also take a Stabilo Aquarellable pencil and add a little more shading to my flowers and around my page edge.

One more thing – I feel like I need to splatter something! I’m going to take a fan brush and some black acrylic paint with some water, and just tap that against one of my pens to splatter some paint on my page. Dry with a heat gun and remove your painter’s tape.

finished watercolor art journal page

I’ve actually created this art page in a few different ways. I’ve started with the watercolor painting and added the stamping and drawing after. I’ve also done it this way – stamping and drawing first and watercolors after. Do whatever you would like – you really can’t mess this up!

Watch the replay below!

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