Photography is another art that I adore with a passion.  Since the day of those flash cubed cameras & negatives when I was a kid I always seemed to have a camera in my hand.  As I got older the camera got more advanced and I took workshops and classes to learn all I could….then the passion stalled for awhile.  I learned about composition, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, brightness and all the fun I had for my passion kind of went out the door.  It was no longer about capturing the moment but the catch lights and pinks in the skintones.  The more I learned, the more numbers I exposed I lost my love for the process itself.  Last year that was so apparent as I hesitated to even post process a picture (there was a day when I did not even have to crop or post-process a photo!). 

I no longer was doing what I loved to do with my photos and that was to tell a story.  My stories were stalled as I compared my photos to other photographers.  That is the worst thing you can do in art.  I was not out to capture the perfect photos………I was out to tell my story, my families stories, my friends stories.  How could I lose that. 

Slowly I have realized that no one has a story just like mine, therefore comparing my photos to that of others is silly.  I own my off skintones, my white balance, the slight blur of the photo……I own that moment.  It is my moment, my story and I am grateful for Photos once again………


  • Helmar:  Premium Craft Glue & Liquid Scrap Dots
  • Acrylic Paints:  Decoart
  • Rubber Stamps – Inkadinkado
  • Indian Ink
  • Rub Ons – Creative Imaginations
  • Distress Inks – Marvy
  • Pen – Uniball White Signo

I continue to learn and reach for that "perfect" photo but realize capturing the moment, the art is what I am about.  I no longer can be my biggest critique and enjoy the process once again. 

That leads me to another Gratitude Journal someone shared with me and I asked her if I could "out" her publically……….Thank you Suzanne for putting yourself out there!

"…alrighty ms tracy….because I too am VERY guarded about my creative "stuff"…..i will share a glimpse or two outta my journal ….dont know why (probably helps that others have shown you as well), but what you said was totally me…ive never posted my pages anywhere and have only shown one other person…both are more on the scrappy side ..but this journal is a total vent for me…i have three kiddos 4 yrs and under.  nuff son really pushed limits this day and i got this page….hmm, and my daughter ..the same (limit pushers they are!  i see quite the pattern!) Thanks for sharing your work Tracy! inspiration at the root!" ~ Suzanne

Suzanne, thanks for letting me share!  Glad I can inspire you! as you have inspired me!

I LOVE all the emails and stories I am getting from everyone about this Gratitude Journal….more like a journey. 

Doris wrote to me………

Bright Blessings! ……..You truly are an amazing person! I've been amazed by your obvious joy and enthusiasm each time I've seen one of your Helmar videos. You're such a positive, creative and energetic person it's infectious. 😀 You motivate me, inspire me and help me learn new things (which I LOVE). Thank you so much for being YOU! ~Doris

Oh Doris, thank you but I wish you knew how sharing makes me sweat and video cameras make me nervous and how I had no idea how much fun sharing my passion and art would be with everyone!  Really?  I want to frame these emails!  I LOVE it when you all share with me!  That is what make me feel enthused and creative plus I love the work I do and the art it creates! 

But seriously I have invested in a very good deodarant!  So drop me an EMAIL any time!  How cool is that you all inspire me so and have brought me back to telling my story even if it is not always a pretty story to share!

What is your story?


  “The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” — Alan Alda