Can a girl have too many shoes?  Ok, this girl can.  I limit myself to my favorite worR2400_216x144kout shoes and a variety of Sketchers.  Simple and comfy but this girl has a printer collection.  Is it possible that one person would have 5Printers printers hooked to one computer?  Yes it is!  Meet Printer #5.  He joined his four brothers and sisters today.  Yes, I got the Epson R2400!  I loved it at the store however I am one cable away from actually getting it hooked up at home.  I was just happy to find a home for him.  I was a bit worried as I un-packed it that I would not have the space.  And actually, I am going to sell the HP printer right next to it once I get everything functional.  This does not even count the 6th printer hooked up to the other computer.  I have a problem.  I actually may have the only husband who wishes I had a shoe fetish.  This certainly will be an asset for my photography jobs because it will allow me to print up my own professional prints up to 13" X 19"!  Once I get this baby hooked up I am checking myself Ty_basketball_4into Printers Anonymous. At least I have stood up and admitted I have a problem.

Tyler got his basketball pictures today.  What a handsome guy (mom is a little biased).  He also got a nice mention in our local paper:

"Tyler Burgos came back after a broken nose and played very well.  Tyler added extra strength to our offense and defense. "

Way to go Tyler.  We are proud of you.  That season ends in two weeks.  Meanwhile, we are in full swing in baseball.  I don’t know how these kids juggle everything.

Today also marked a another jumpstart in my business endeavors.  I got a business checking account.  I am becoming a bit more official and it is very exciting.  Writing that first business check will be fun.  Tracy W Burgos Designs & Photography is open for business!